Underground monsters


We start new big game project named “Underground monsters”.

The game “Underground Monsters” is a dynamic 2d platformer with open world and a variety of interactive environments.

In “Underground Monsters” you play for the alien who lives in the sewers, under the secret base. Using lots of fantastic weapons and high-tech suit that increases the player’s superpower and adds an arsenal of cool features, such as flight and teleportation, You have to hunt monsters that emerge from the ground, to solve the secret of the town and look for the missing piece of spaceship that would leave the Earth

The Strayed game

The Strayed – adventure platformer game


  • Classic platformer in best traditions of genre
  • Original storyline
  • Guess the mystical island full of secrets
  • Over 50 engrossing levels
  • Collect numerous collect bonus
  • Game with early development access

As a result of the airplane catastrophe the main hero got on an island, which it seemed to him uninhabited. He has to escape the island through long, hard and dangerous way. He will find the way in dark caves, where he meets uglies critters in the deep of the earth. He will meet with fearful monsters in the dense forest. He must explore an ancient temple, where he guesses the secret that is hidden in there. In this way he will collect the numerous bonus, coins and ancient artifacts. This island is full of secrets and misteries that the main hero will guess them

Game will be periodically updated and add new levels!

Changelog v0.02:

1. Fixed level 10 GUI.
2. Fixed dialogue with island chief
3. added version number in start screen

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